Sunday, October 11, 2009

Another Bouguereau study - Etude Tete de Jeune fille (head study of a young girl)

I wanted to paint this for me to keep. 30cm x 40cm oil on canvas


  1. Mary, You have been very busy. Your latest paintings are just gorgeous, all of them. You do an amazing job on portraits and figures, just curious if you ever do landscapes? Hope you get a chance to stop by Daves or Susans soon.

  2. Barb, thank you! I have painted landscapes, but it seems like that was a long time ago. I would love to paint plein air some day but the view around here is not very inspiring.
    I have missed chatting with you guys, hopefully soon!

  3. Beautiful Mary , I should just say too, you inspire me with your talent ...also your portraits have such life to them !!